Permanent makeup

beauty mark

For fantasy, pleasure and beauty ...


It was not until the 50's that moles lost all negative connotations thanks to Marilyne Monroe whose mole symbolizes sensuality and glamor.


The mole then becomes a personal characteristic and a self-assertion.


In our modern world, we came out of all clichés and harmonization by symmetry to privilege the aspects of individualization.

The course of a session:
  • The beautician studies the overall shape of your face and the expressions of your eyes


  • The beautician offers you a pencil essay


  • We determine together the location and the color


  • We then perform the permanent makeup of the moles

Duration of the session:

30 minutes.


Skin type:

All skin types.


To know:

2 weeks later, you will get the true color. With the natural renewal of the skin, the pigments fade with time and the color is gradually eliminated.
An annual maintenance is recommended to give a boost to the color.



$ 125 one beauty mark
$ 150 tow beauty mark