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Customer testimonials:

A huge thank you to Orise for a magnificent permanent makeup! This great artist gave me eyebrows of perfect shape and color as well as a superb line under the eyes. I was very impressed by her great listening skills, her undeniable knowledge in morphology and colorimetry and by the passion for her profession that she gives off. I count myself very lucky to have found this rare pearl!

Hélène Floch


After several years, I finally decided to swap the eyebrow pencil for permanent makeup.
What a joy to have discovered such a professional person.
Orise offers a service of excellence and takes the time to answer all our questions.
I am more than satisfied with the result.



Orise is very professional. I went to see her a few years ago and then tried someone else. Bad idea, I ended up with bluish eyebrows (I'm blonde at the base) and a line of eyeliner which went down, I looked like a sad clown! Fortunately, with her great color experience, she managed to correct everything. We learn from our mistakes, I will never go anywhere else. Thank you Orise.

Catherine Guindon


As a loyal customer for fifteen years, I have always been very satisfied with the results.
Conscious and meticulous in a sanitized environment, Orise will guide you to offer you a completely current and natural appearance in the beauty industry!

Louise Langlois


Excellent service and very professional

Chantal Proulx


I redid the tattoo of my eyebrows: Orise is attentive, has a great expertise in morphology and was very patient to satisfy me. I am delighted with her work because after 2 tattoos failed from my eyebrows in other institutes, I finally found a real professional who knows her job and practices it with passion.
Bravo Orise! I highly recommend !!!

Elsa D'or


At first, I left for a microblading of my eyebrows. Following very good advice from Orise, I finally opted for a permanent makeup that was more appropriate for my situation. Orise took the time to explain to me that I am pushing myself for consumption as some institutes can do. After a week (the time for healing and healing), I am really delighted with the result! In addition, beyond the service there is a real exchange with Orise who is really passionate about her work and perfectly masters the tricks, I really appreciated the exchange of this experience. The artist background of Orise is a real asset for this type of service. I highly recommend his institute. Thank you Orise and see you soon!

Sabrina Gatt


I highly recommend doing business with the beauty institute and Laser Orise for everything related to facial & body care for an extraordinary treatment.

Patrick Trudeau


I am a permanent permanent makeup client at Orise and I am an extremely satisfied client. Orise is professional, controversial, detail-oriented and a true artist.
Orise takes the time to explain the process and to review the style, pigment and color options. She does not rush and always makes sure that her job is done well.
Another thing to note is the cleanliness of the studio; it's impeccable! The environment is welcoming and it is a pleasure to be treated here.
I am surprised to read negative comments about Orise's permanent makeup services because I have had only very positive experiences in her studio. Orise always takes the necessary time and explains in detail all the follow-up so that the results are optimal.
Orise has the ability to enhance its natural beauty. She takes pride in her work and ensures that her client is satisfied.
I highly recommend Orise for permanent makeup and I'll be back!



Honesty with courtesy, she is professional in her technique and she is honest.

Nisreen Aoraini


I made my permanent makeup eyebrows with Orise and the results are amazing! She took the time to explain everything and I drew several models before choosing "the good" we see that this woman know where she goes! A real artist.

Sophie Provost


This beauty institute is the best in Montreal.
It's clean, the staff is well laid out and very polite and respectful to us.
We are well received and I never thought of making any friends.
They are reliable and professional people with years of experience.

They do their job with great attention to detail.
Very nice local aesthetics, with state-of-the-art equipment!

Rosalia Trentinella


No more rough makeup due to poor lighting. Everywhere, always, perfect makeup. I no longer lose my eyebrows with my toque, my eyeliner when I cry when he sells and my lipstick with food. I was bland and dull. Now when I wake up I look good. And it's so well done. An artist this Orise; and adorable with that. Thank you dear Orise !!!
Denise Fortier


Orise is an accomplished professional and she is endowed with a certain artistic talent. I am very satisfied with the results and the wonderful thing is that she was able to give back to my face this little spark of youth.


Since I met Orise and she made me my first permanent makeup, I saw my face change. From the beginning, I felt confident and she gave my face a natural look, as I wanted. I can only thank her for her reassuring and attentive attitude and especially for all the care she puts in doing things well. Thanks to her, the result is like me; it's always me, but better. Thank you Orise.
Brigitte Lacasse

A few years ago, I had my eyebrows done; a true deliverance than to have to trace them with a pencil which, moreover, was constantly fading away. My face is more defined when I wake up and my eyes make me look less tired. Orise thank you for your talent and daring in this case, since I started eyebrows undefined and very blond (almost nonexistent ...) and now, my eyebrows give a lot of character to my face!

When I had permanent make-up on my lips, I saw how it revealed my true nature. Having inherited thin lips, I wanted my face better reflect my sensual nature. The outline of my lips that she made me by micro-pigmentation, will have allowed me to have a result that remains very natural and rejuvenates me at the same time. Thank you Orise to have understood my expectations and to have offered me as a bonus a smile more fulfilled.

Recently, I had the outline of my eyes, which are small and naturally little underlined, by adding to the border of the lashes, a thin line of a rather dark brown. I was afraid it would make them smaller, but I was pleasantly surprised by the result. This gives the impression of lighter eyelashes and the look is better defined. Thanks to Orise who, with his know-how and sensitivity, has embellished my eyes!
P.S. Me who, in the past, makeup me every day, I now feel confident and beautiful and I wear makeup only for special occasions.

It is with great emotion that I wish to express my gratitude to you today following the metamorphosis of my eyebrows, which took place in a professionalism and respect for my physiology. Your art of creating my eyebrows, has been more than a comfort to me, it has symbolized a real radiant in my face and it makes such a change that it moves me. With all my thanks, I beg you to believe, Mrs. Orise, in the expression of my most sincere satisfaction.
Rosalia T.